Back-end Development

For most companies, a database is an integral part of their web or mobile presence. It provides additional functionality, such as the ability to add a shopping cart system or a message board. Plus, a database can turn your static site into a dynamic, interactive experience for visitors. For a mobile application, it is necessary for storing and retrieving data. The more involved you can get your visitors, the more likely they are to stay around, to purchase products, and to recommend you to others.

We Know Data-Driven Applications

Wicked Code knows through our experience that scaling an application to handle millions of transactions a minute from 50,000+ concurrent online users requires a well though-out database design, smart implementation of relationship and constraints and knowledge of the hardware requirements to support it.

Scalable Data Design is not a new concept, but as Internet connectivity and world-wide users have grown the demands placed on Web Applications continues to be stretched. Also important is making sure the database architects stay on top of the latest tools and techniques.

One of the most important elements is protecting data integrity. Database design must also include the security requirements of the database and user permissions along with protection against SQL injection and other security attacks.

Wicked Code's expertise is building web sites and mobile apps integrated with a data component.
Our clients trust us to design data-driven solutions that meet their business needs.

Data Storage

All data-driven applications need some sort of data storage. Depending on the application, more than one form of data storage may be required. Wicked Code is knowledgeable in major methods of data storage.

SQL Server

Relational databases are the most widely used form of technology to manage structured data storage. Relational databases now have functionality that not only allow for protection of data within the database but allow for advanced features such as in-process programming, complex cross machine data synchronization and encryption.


XML allows for exchanging of data between disparate systems. Wicked Code has designed, developed and deployed numerous systems requiring massive XML creation and transmission.

Cloud Computing Integration

Wicked Code offers cloud computing integration to our clients looking for a scalable and virtualized solution for their application.