Design Process

At Wicked Code we feel that the key to the best design is a seven step process that ensures predictable results. Throughout the process of design to post-launch, we work with you to develop a site or mobile app meeting your needs for predictable results.

I. Analyzing the Market

One of the most important steps to your site or mobile app is creating an effective design and layout. Wicked Code first researches the market, examining your current situation and using that data in guiding us through our design decisions.

II. Human Factors

It’s important that your future visitors be able to navigate your site or mobile app with ease. We value your input and suggestions on the important things you want your visitors to view, and integrate your ideas with the information gained from the market analysis.

III. Prototype

Now it's time to bring everything together. We work with you to develop a layout, design appropriate graphics, and finalize an efficient navigation structure. Then we create a prototype of the site which you'll be able to view through our special "Client's Area." With your input, we'll continue to refine the site until you are satisfied so you'll know exactly what the finished product looks like in advance.

IV. Production

Our experts then present you with a prototype for your review and approval. We then start turning it into reality. This involves using the right tools and languages for coding your site or mobile app based on your requirements. We make sure that all graphics used are optimized for web viewing. Throughout this process the site or mobile app is tested consistently for quality assurance.

V. Visibility

Once we’ve completed implementation and you are ready for launch, we facilitate the final release for live accessibility, either through the web, iTunes or the Google Play Store.

VI. Promotion

After your product has gone live we need to turn attention to attracting visitors. Wicked Code’s projects all include no-charge submission to the major search engines available on the internet. This is an ideal start for the beginning of the marketing promotion for your project.

VII. Services and Support

Wicked Code provides support for your site as long as you may have it. If you find there’s a need for specialized support services for your site, we will work with you to define your special support needs and the best way to deliver them.