The appearance of your website or mobile application requires more than graphics and complimentary colors. Although these aspects of site appearance are important you want to create an environment that’s appropriate for your audience, your market, and your product. You want to create an image that stays within the memory of your visitors and customers. At Wicked Code we understand the importance of all the elements required of your site design, market, and appearance and combine them into your new or redesigned web site.

Wicked Code Design

Design Details

Design Process

It doesn’t matter if you require an entire new site or application from scratch, or have an existing application requiring the redesign of some or all pages. Wicked Code’s expert team goes to action with our thorough design process. We begin this process by the identification of your needs and end with your launch.

New Sites & Applications

It doesn’t matter if your company is large or small, or your business is new or decades old. Our expert staff can create an appealing site or mobile application that can easily adapt to your current and future needs.


You may have an existing site or mobile app that worked wonders for you in the past, but is now failing to deliver desired results on a consistent basis. It’s possible you may have created your first site fast to meet immediate requirements, but find that you’re now ready to have a professional redesign the site. The reason doesn’t matter - Wicked Code works with you to redesign your existing site allowing you to maximize your web presence benefits to maintain your competitive advantage.


Long after your visitors leave your site you want them to retain a memorable image of their visit to the site. This image is your brand – your company’s logo is a big part of your brand. A logo is much more than just a graphic. It represents your company’s image to the public. Wicked Code’s expert team works with you to integrate your logo into the site design at the best locations where it will create the brand recognition you want to remain in your visitors minds.