Our team has made a commitment to not do business “as usual”.





Wicked Code was designed with the idea of creating solutions that integrate with brand identity, with dedication that results in shipping product, and with the goal of building sites that marry creativity and technology seamlessly.
Since our founding in 1997, our company has made this a commitment to our clients, and it’s one we are proud of upholding.
A few words from the founder:

I am lucky that I was born into a family of early technology adopters. My father started programming classes at Western Airlines two days after I was born, so I’m a second generation programmer.  In the mid-1970’s, my father bought a computer kit and built the first computer we had at home.

“I didn’t know much about how to use this computer, but I was intrigued by it, especially the fact that you could type in a command to play a sound from one music pitch to another. I learned how to make the computer play a police car siren, and that was a whole lot of fun for an 8 year old.

In 1989, I graduated with a music degree and no idea how I was going to make money. So, I went back to a local state college to pursue my computer science degree. It was around that time that I had discovered one of the first versions of Microsoft Windows…”

Kim Paternoster and Robert Ballard on the USS Iowa

Kimberly Paternoster and Robert Ballard at the USS Iowa Battleship Museum

Kimberly Paternoster has more than 33 years technical and leadership experience as an engineer, manager and executive in the software and internet industries.  Prior to founding Wicked Code in 1997, Kimberly was the VP of Engineering at BigMop.com, and a founder of BidManiac.com – an online auction-related portal that was sold to GotoAuctions.

Ms. Paternoster has a patent for “Capturing, Annotating and Transmitting Images of Internet Web Pages”, and has held positions with Insight Development Corporation, Storm Technology, nFX Corporation, and Broderbund.

Kim is an avid sailor and musician in her spare time.  In addition to being an active member of Richmond Yacht Club and a past president of the Austin Sailing Society, she is a clarinetist with the Contra Costa Wind Symphony, and a past president of the Austin Symphonic Band.

Ms. Paternoster earned her B.S. in Computer Science and Math from Framingham State University and a B.F.A. from Boston Conservatory of Music.

Connect with Kimberly here: LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/kpaternoster


Why Choose Wicked?

If you have questions, we have answers.

Our video FAQ  provides information about our company beginnings, our business philosophy, and most important – how we feel about our customers and our relationship with our customers.

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Our Promise to You

Quality Work Product

quality work product

No outsourcing to overseas companies where it can’t be overseen carefully. No hassles and frustration.

You will have direct communication with our designers and our programmers when you need it.

We have a carefully selected group of designers, developers, project managers, and marketers who are constantly honing their craft.

Timely & Professional

Timely & Professional

Our programmers don’t design sites. Our designers won’t be in charge of your marketing.  Our marketers don’t build applications.

We assign the right professionals to each part of your project for the very highest quality results.

This ensures that you get the best results by having the most qualified team in the correct positions from start to finish.

Complete Solutions

Complete Solutions

Your company needs results, not fluff. That’s why we provide full solutions that turn your idea into a successfully completed project.

Our professionals work to make sure that every project you hire us for leverages your existing resources.

Our focus on communication is a key to making sure that your project stays on track and within budget.

Customized Projects

Customized Projects

We get to know you so that we can offer a site that suits YOU – not a generic idea of the industry.

Our marquee work includes complex apps and behind the scenes coding, along with compact sites designed for small business owners who want to succeed.

Whatever the scope of the project, we create a solution that is designed to meet your needs.

We craft and execute designs that are modern yet timeless; designs that don’t require constant overhauling in order to work or stay relevant.

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