Hot Club of Cowtown

Austin, Texas

Hot Club of Cowtown’s website is a WordPress creation that Wicked Code designed, and continues to host and maintain for the band.  e-Commerce, scheduling, and the ability to display upcoming events and gigs in user friendly way are paramount to the success of the site and the user experience for fans.

Just want to take a moment to thank the inimitable Kimberly Paternoster for her spectacular helpfulness with all my own and Hot Club of Cowtown website stuff this past year.

In almost 20 years of trying to make sense of design, hosting, servers, maintenance, tweaks and all the things that are too scary or complicated or tedious to knock out, we have truly found the Internet Valhalla, the Platonic Ideal of a web guru-esse in Kim. Thank you, Kim!!


Elana James – Fiddler
Hot Club of Cowtown